Best of 2016 Families

I’ve had a blast so here’s to 2017 and lot’s of new (and old) families. Here are my faves from 2016….

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Victoria and Alex

Victoria and Alex held their reception at The Fleece Inn with sweeping views that look out over the Yorkshire countryside. You could feel the love oozing out of these two and it was a pleasure to hang out with them on their special day.

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Mia Peanut

Introducing baby Mia Brammer!

Nicknamed peanut in the womb, I was lucky enough to catch Mia as a bump as well as a newborn.

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Jazzie and Family


We started off at home with a quick sandwich before heading to Wythenshawe park where  Jazzie had a ball at the playground, even dragging her mum onto the slide with her….

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Louis Liall

I love summer pictures in the park!

I photographed this lovely little family on a beautiful summers day in August.

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Nicola and Jordan

Nicola and Jordan have been together a long time and have two beautiful boys so they decided to seal the deal this summer with a gorgeous outdoor wedding at Pryors Hayes Golf Club…

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Isaac and family

Last weekend I got to hang out with Isaac and his Mummy and Daddy. He’s like a little whirlwind, crawling and climbing on everything  but he’s got a gorgeous smile and he’s a right Daddy’s boy. Luckily I managed to catch some Mummy cuddles in there too.


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Raising money for Clatterbridge

I was asked a couple of months ago if I’d take some pictures at a family fun day in Didsbury to raise money for The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity. Organised by the wonderful Claire who runs Pramactive, it was one of many events that have so far raised over £3500 for the charity.

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